Recurrent Medulloblastoma

At Swifty, we take recurrent medulloblastoma personally. That’s the kind of cancer that took founder, Michael Gustafson’s life – and it’s also a cancer with one of the lowest survival rates.When medulloblastoma recurs, doctors have no established treatment plan for patients. None.

We’re looking to change that. So each year, Swifty invests its research grant awards specifically to improve outcomes for children who have recurrent medulloblastoma. Here are the grants we’ve made to date:

2018 grants

Dr. Marc Symons
Feinstein Institute for Medical Research – North Shore
De-escalation of Radiotherapy for Medulloblastoma by a Novel DNA Damage Checkpoint Inhibitor
Grant Award: $25,000
in collaboration with Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Shannon Wong-Michalek (Mentor) Dr. William Weiss
University of California San Francisco
Exploring synthetic lethality of one-carbon metabolism genes and mTORC1 inhibition in MYCN amplified Medulloblastoma
Grant Award: $5,000
in collaboration with Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Medulloblastoma in the Mountains Research
A three-day scientific program featuring renowned Canadian and international medulloblastoma researchers, including over 50 high-quality oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts.
Grant Award: $20,000

Project Open DIPG
Project Open DIPG is a collaborative research effort by the Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC) and the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium(CBTTC). It embodies a “team science” strategy – pairing CBTTC’s approach to tissue sample collection, genomic sequencing and data analysis on the CAVATICA platform with PNOC’s clinical trial efforts. By sharing data openly, Project Open DIPG will help the research community more quickly identify and develop personalized treatment strategies for DIPG and other types of pediatric brain tumors.
Grant Award: $75,000

2016-2017 grants

Dr. Eric Hutton Raabe, MD/PhD & Dr. Barbara Slusher, PhD
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Pre-clinical Testing of Novel Glutamine Metabolic Inhibitors in MYC-driven Medulloblastoma
Grant Award: $25,000
in collaboration with Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Melanie Vincent, PhD
University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO
Targeting Eya2 to Inhibit c-Myc Driven Medulloblastoma Tumor Progression
Brain Tumor\Medulloblastoma
Grant Award: $25,000
in collaboration with Alex’s Lemonade Stand

2014-2015 grants

The Hospital for Sick Children
Heterogeneity Amongst Metastases in Children with Medulloblastoma: Focusing on the Real Problem
2015 Grant Award: $120,000

The Hospital for Sick Children
Investigating the Biological Diversity of Metastatic Medulloblastoma
Grant Award $50,000

Helen Devos Children’s Hospital Foundation
Targeting Medulloblastoma Through Individualized Therapeutics
Grant Award $50,000


By sponsoring efforts like the ones above, Swifty is helping grow our knowledge of recurrent medulloblastoma – and moving us closer to better outcomes for our children. But it can’t happen without your support.

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