Empowering Research through Tissue Donation

Swifty Foundation has invested 2.6 million dollars in Gift from a Child. This Swifty led program is a national initiative supported by families who have lost children to brain cancer, private foundations, researchers and medical professionals. Gift from a Child’s mission is to increase post mortem pediatric brain tissue donations through advocacy as well as the education of families enduring the worst … the loss of a child.

Gift from a Child has streamlined the donation process and made it accessible to families anywhere in the country by forming partnerships with the best researchers and medical providers who value collaboration and data sharing. These strategic partnerships will accelerate breakthrough cancer research, improve treatments and ultimately CURE childhood brain cancer.

Swifty has funded a Tissue Navigator at each of these regional sites. Navigators will educate patients, families and staff about the value of tissue donation and assist patients and families with the logistics related to donating. The navigators will also coordinate tissue donations from local and regional centers without formal donation programs.