Brain tumors are the #1 cancer killer among children in the United States.


We just don’t have enough information. Without a deeper understanding of the biology behind brain tumors, we can’t improve our treatments.

Michael's Story

Before his death at 15, Michael Gustafson hatched what he called his "master plan" - and laid the foundation for what Swifty does today.


Improving Research

Why are children's brain tumors so tough to beat? The cancer changes as you treat it. Here's how we discover better treatments.

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Disturbing Facts About Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death BY DISEASE for children in the U.S. …. It exceeds deaths by all other diseases combined. Only 4 pennies of every FEDERAL dollar available for cancer research goes to fund PEDIATRIC cancer research.

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Together Toward Hope

Crazy Beard

3rd Party Fundraisers

One of our favorite things at Swifty is our 3rd party fundraisers! These are events that people develop on their own, they do the work and we get the money!! See what I mean…. It’s the best! So far in 2018 there have been 22 third party events raising $29,392.65! Isn’t that incredible? These events…

June 10, 2018

CBTTC Annual Conference Update

In May, Ginny McLean, Nikki Lyons and Al Gustafson represented Swifty at the annual conference of the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) in Philadelphia. Swifty is part of a fourteen foundation advisory council serving as a resource for the CBTTC. Unique in the world of philanthropy, the foundations function as a collaborative to advise,…

June 9, 2018

We hear it over and over again.

Our first year at ASPHO was one for the books. It was amazing to be around so many other people dedicated to the cause of fighting pediatric cancer. There were representatives from hospitals and foundations from all over the world. Seeing a case study presentation by hospitals in areas from Egypt to the U.K. to…

June 9, 2018