California Here We Come. . .

… because the next step in Michael’s Master Plan takes us to Michelle Monje’s lab at Stanford.

Swifty is bringing a Tissue Navigator to one of the premier pediatric brain cancer research labs in the country! The dream is to raise $300,000 to support a Tissue Navigator at Dr. Monje’s lab for 3 years and extend the network of Swifty supported tissue navigators across the country.

Not only is this network increasing the number of autopsy donations, these labs are also the leading Centers of Excellence for processing and sharing the cell lines and data the tissue generates. Learn More

Michael's Story

Before his death at 15, Michael Gustafson hatched what he called his "master plan" - and laid the foundation for what Swifty does today.


Improving Research

Why are children's brain tumors so tough to beat? The cancer changes as you treat it. Here's how we discover better treatments.

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“Most of the research progress made toward more effective therapy for childhood brain cancers has only been possible because of tumor tissue donations. Post-mortem tissue donations have enabled researchers to generate cell cultures and mouse models of childhood brain cancer, to screen for therapeutic drugs effective at killing the cancer cells and to identify new targets for therapy" Michelle Monje, MD PhD Stanford
Learn More About Our Tissue Donation Initiative and 2018 Annual Appeal

Disturbing Facts About Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death BY DISEASE for children in the U.S. …. It exceeds deaths by all other diseases combined. Only 4 pennies of every FEDERAL dollar available for cancer research goes to fund PEDIATRIC cancer research.

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Together Toward Hope

Gifts that Benefit You and Swifty

Swifty invites you to explore year-end gift giving options that are good for you and good for pediatric brain cancer research! Donating Your IRA Distributions Some of our more “seasoned” donors have found that giving a gift directly from their IRA is an easy and efficient way to support Swifty. Individuals who are 70 ½…

December 5, 2018

Collaborative Centers of Excellence

Establishing a Swifty funded tissue navigator in Dr. Monje’s lab at Stanford completes a coast-to-coast network that began in 2016 when Swifty helped start the post mortem tissue donation program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Last week I told you how the tissue navigator will allow Dr. Monje to focus more of her…

November 24, 2018

California Dream

Today is Michael’s birthday and the kickoff of Swifty’s Annual Appeal, and so I’d like to tell you about our California Dream. It’s a dream that takes us to Michelle Monje’s lab at Stanford … I’m going to get all STEM on you now, so get ready! You may remember from past years, that Michael’s…

November 16, 2018