The Swifty Foundation was founded by Michael Gustafson before his death at age 15 to give his short life meaning. Since his dream of becoming a scientist wasn’t possible, he wanted to help scientists help other children beat this devastating disease.  Focused on eradicating pediatric brain cancer, Swifty has three highly focused initiatives:
  • Increasing research opportunities through Tissue Donation Programs such as the Post-Mortem Tissue Donation program Swifty initiated to get diseased tissue to researchers and the first of its kind Tissue Navigator position Swifty created at Lurie Children’s Hospital.  The Tissue Navigator will facilitate this much-needed tissue collection.
  • Accelerating research by promoting collaboration amongst foundations, medical institutions, researchers and funders.
  • Funding medulloblastoma research directly and in collaboration with other organizations.

100% of each donation goes toward pediatric brain cancer research. The family personally covers all administrative costs for the foundation.

Mission Statement

The Swifty Foundation’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for pediatric brain cancer research.

Michael’s Story

Just prior to his 15th birthday Michael announced his Master Plan. ” I am going to give up my life in order to see if we can find a cure.” Watch the video


We have raised over $1,000,000 and put it to work! Download our Impact Reports 2016   2017  2018

Pediatric Cancer Statement

Pediatric cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded. An estimated 250,000+ new cases of cancer affect children under the age of 20 worldwide each and every year. The numbers and impact are staggering.  Check out the infographic below for more childhood cancer facts. Download a PDF version to share.  

Post-mortem Tissue Donation Info Package

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Why Donate Tissue Video

Press Release:

Swifty Foundation Launches Nationwide Program

In The News

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