Donate to our 2022 Annual Appeal

Yes, we used the ripple effect in 2019’s appeal, but when it comes to ripples, redundancy rocks! The impact of Michael’s gift and the gifts of Swifty supporters continue to create a tidal wave of impact. It’s time to celebrate and invite you to help us keep the ripples rolling.

As with ripples, our work is reverberating across the pediatric cancer community. We hope you are as excited as we are at the progress made with almost $6m invested over the past eight years and a national program, Gift from a Child, serving cancer families and accelerating scientific discoveries.

All this from one boy making a plan, so he could die knowing his life would matter. He donated his postmortem tissue to research to help find a cure. To paraphrase Mother Theresa, he cast a stone and the ongoing ripple effects of that initial splash are highlighted on this year’s card.

We continue to follow Michael’s lead when he made his donation, “to help as many kids as I can.” Please consider supporting our Annual Appeal this year to help as many kids as you can. Every penny of your donation is spent on supporting research, as our family funds all the administrative expenses.

Let’s keep Rippling!

Campaign Goal: $250,000

Amount Raised: $347,160