Donate to our 2020 Annual Appeal

The Gustafsons would have given anything to have the option of this Enhancing Immunotherapy Trial for Medulloblastoma for Michael when his cancer returned. Then and now, when medulloblastoma returns the survival rate is only 5%. Yes, 5%! That’s why funding this trial was so enticing.

  • The trial uses the child’s own immune system to help destroy the tumor, meaning it’s less toxic to a child’s developing brain than the current radiation/chemo protocol.
  • The trial design is novel because the trial will learn from itself.
  • The trial will be fully funded by charities of families who lost a child to cancer.

100% of your 2020 donation will fund this trial and with it, bring hope to families whose children currently have a dismal 5% chance of survival.

Campaign Goal: $250,000

Amount Raised: $272,977