David currently attends Iowa State University where he plans to graduate in 2020. He is a biology major who hopes to one day work in pediatric research. David also serves as a Peer Mentor for the Biology program, co-leading two sections of an orientation class for new freshmen. When he is not in class or studying, David enjoys playing guitar and listening to music, being active, and spending time with family and friends. David has been with the Swifty Foundation since 2015 and has participated in a variety of projects and fundraisers. David said he enjoys being a part of Swifty because it gives him the opportunity to positively impact the lives of children with cancer and their families, as well as keep Michael’s spirit alive. David and Michael became very close friends in 7th grade after being in many of the same classes. They connected over their love for sports, the outdoors and Pixar movies.  No matter the circumstances, the two always knew how to make each other laugh.