Annual Appeal

Campaign Goal: $150,000

Amount Raised: $150,000

Raising Funds For: Post-Mortem Tissue Donation Programs

Each year, Swifty Foundation holds our annual appeal. We focus on one goal and raise money towards funding that goal. We take the time to look back on what we have accomplished and what still needs to be accomplished.  We are continuously focused on staying true to Michael’s vision for a future where cancer is no more.

Michael’s impact is the focus of this year’s Swifty Annual Appeal.



Twenty years old! Michael would be leaving his teen years behind this month, but in our minds he will forever remain a teenager. His twin sister Bridget shows us each day what Michael could be accomplishing had he survived.  And the reality is, despite his death, he is still making an impact every day.

Michael’s Master Plan was his decision to donate his body to science to help find a cure for brain cancer. Swifty followed his lead, recognizing the dire need for post-mortem tissue to jumpstart scientific breakthroughs.

We are asking you to support this work and we want you to clearly understand why and how your investment will make a difference. Post-mortem tissue donation is essential both for scientific research and for the families who lose their children to this awful disease.

Join our Annual Appeal mailing list and hear from Michael’s mom how and why Swifty is making an impact.  Join Here.   We will discuss, in detail our Progress Report Card.

You Can Read Patti’s Personal  Blogs Explaining This Year’s Focus. 


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