No Shave November

Kennedy Junior High is once again raising funds in support of The Swifty Foundation Annual Appeal.

The Swifty Foundation was created by Kennedy alumnus Michael Gustafson before he succumbed to cancer at age 15. Michael created The Swifty Foundation to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research so that: “No other child will have to go through what I did.”

No Shave November Voting Is Open!

Voting is open now, and you get 1 vote for every $1 you contribute! Please use the form below to donate.

Once you have donated, you can submit your vote by completing the voting form here. If you donate more than $5, you can submit multiple votes. Please submit your votes by 11:59 p.m. on 11/30/2020.

About The Swifty Foundation

The Swifty Foundation began with Michael Gustafson who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 10. Shortly after his diagnosis, Michael began fundraising for cancer research and recruited his friends to help. At the end of Michael’s battle, with the help of his parents Patti and Al, he started the Swifty Foundation.

The Swifty Foundation now focuses on finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer in three ways:

  1. Promoting post-mortem tissue donation to improve research
  2. Improving collaboration among organizations and researchers working to cure pediatric cancer
  3. Funding research of recurrent medulloblastoma

When Michael was nearing his 15th birthday, his mom recorded this video in a restaurant parking lot. By this point, Michael already knew he wasn’t going to beat brain cancer for himself. But he could beat it for someone else. In the video, Michael lays out what he called his “Master Plan” — to become a tissue donor in hopes of finding a cure.

Kennedy JH Alum
Michael Gustafson