2017 Intern


Meredith Conway

Meredith comes to Swifty as a great friend of Bridget and Michael’s, having gone to school with them since kindergarten. Meredith will be studying PR as a sophomore at Syracuse University this fall and is super excited to be helping Swifty with social media and event planning for the summer. She is a member of Syracuse’s club water polo team and is a member of the Student Affairs Advisory Board. In her spare time she enjoys arguing with people from New York about how much better Chicago is than New York City and how much better deep dish pizza is!

2016 Interns

An internship with Swifty is not your average internship. It’s an opportunity to do something inspiring and significant…. to impact the lives of children with brain cancer. Everything we do contributes to raising awareness and donations to end pediatric brain cancer.

We also hope that this work will be so meaningful and impactful that our interns will remain involved in our work….to be the voice for the voiceless.


Rohit Gupta

“I am studying Finance, Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics at the Kelley School of Business. In my free time I like to play golf, basketball, hang with friends and bake. Back in high school, Michael was my friend. Being a part of the Swifty Foundation has helped me help promote Michael’s dream that no kid should have to go through the pain he did. I am honored to receive this opportunity of being an intern because not only do I want to help Michael’s family, but I can help all families that are affected by pediatric cancer.”


Jeremy Drexler

“I am a student at Indiana University majoring in Finance, Economic Consulting and History. I graduated from Hinsdale Central High School and enjoy playing baseball and reading about all things Roman in my spare time. Being a part of the Swifty Foundation has been an amazing opportunity for me to help young kids and their families who are struggling. I am also honored to be able to work with such a group of outstanding people who have huge hearts and are willing to give their time to such an amazing cause.”




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