Gift from a Child

The Swifty Foundation is the primary funder of the Gift from a Child initiative. You can learn more about post mortem tissue donation and Gift from a Child by visiting the website

Post Mortem Tissue Collection Grants

Tissue Navigator Job Description: The Navigator will educate patients, families and staff about the value of tissue donation, assist patients and families with the logistics related to tissue donation, and coordinate tissue donations from other local and regional centers without formal donation programs.

Tissue Navigator at Children’s National Hospital

2019 Grant Award: $355,515/3 years
In addition to supporting the navigator this grant will cover costs associated with post mortem tissue collection including transportation, pathology, collection kits, shipping and storage.

Tissue Navigator at Monje Lab, Stanford Medicine

2018 Grant Award $300,000/3 years
This grant establishes a Tissue Navigator at Dr. Michelle Monje’s lab. This navigator will also perform post mortem brain tumor tissue recoveries for cell culture, xenograft models and genomics.

Tissue Navigator at Lurie Children’s Hospital

2017 Grant Award: 2017  $300,000/3 years

The CBTTC Post-Mortem Tissue Donation Program

2016 Grant Award: $300,000/2 years
The operations center of the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) is at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The Tissue Navigator at CHOP serves as the national coordinator for autopsy donation inquiries and works closely with the navigators at each of the regional sites.

Support for Gift from a Child  Programs, Website and Marketing

Swifty provides funding and professional support to develop and maintain the Gift from a Child website, the Family Companioning and Hospital Advocacy programs and marketing materials necessary for education and advocacy.


Please visit the Gift from a Child website to contact a Tissue Navigator or learn more about this important program.