2021 Annual Appeal

Michael taught us not to stop when we are tired.
We stop when we are done!

There is still much to be done and we are “staying the course” set by Michael’s Master Plan of donating tissue to accelerate research and find cures. So, in this year’s Annual Appeal we are asking you to help us keep pushing … like Michael did.

He pushed himself and finished many hard things. He began a new sport and joined the cross-country team even after his cancer returned. Then he finished every race despite his ongoing health challenges from surgery and treatment. Living with cancer is hard and finding cures is hard. But with Michael’s example and your ongoing support the course is set for better days for kids diagnosed with cancer.

Swifty has hit its stride and the card lays out our course toward cures. Our multi-pronged funding approach is creating a cultural change around autopsy donation in the pediatric cancer community that includes underwriting the autopsy costs for families, the funding of six tissue navigators across the country and widespread awareness/education outreach in the medical community.

You can help us pick up the pace so that cancer is no longer the #1 cause of death by disease for children in the U.S. by making a donation today!

Until there is a cure,
Michael’s Mom

Remember, 100% of admin costs are paid by our family,
putting 100% of your donation toward accelerating research!

Amount Raised: $256,790

Campaign Goal: $250,000 – Exceeded
New Goal $275,000

Obstacles to Tissue Donation and Swifty’s Solutions

*With the help of other families Swifty creates Gift from a Child
*Swifty funds autopsy expenses
*Swifty creates and funds Tissue Navigator role at Centers of Excellence

Swifty is building awareness of need for tissue
and infrastructure for donating

GFAC funds Tissue Navigators to facilitate donations

*Swifty created awareness resources: GFAC website, social media platforms, brochures
*GFAC offers family companioning to families

Children’s Brain Tumor Network receives portion of every GFAC donation